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Subway can proceed with $210M defamation suit against CBC over chicken report, appeals court rules

A defamation lawsuit by the world's largest fast-food operator against Canada's public broadcaster over a report on the chain's chicken sandwiches can proceed, Ontario's top court has ruled.

Teenager’s Snow Cave Enters Canadian Survival Lore

The tale of a British Columbia teenager’s canny survival instincts during a snowmobile outing has brought some pandemic cheer to Canada.

Australians in the US await the overturning of Donald Trump's hardline visa policies

Outgoing US President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric has affected tens of thousands of Australians living overseas. As Joe Biden is inaugurated this week, they hope change is on the horizon.

Governments with rookie leaders don't always have it easy in N.L. elections

Throughout Canadian history, incumbent governments with new leaders have struggled to secure re-election. That's especially the case in Newfoundland and Labrador.

A power outage dims climate hopes in Mexico

President López Obrador’s championing of fossil fuels has short-circuited the shift to renewable energy

Calgary fire chief acknowledges culture of racism, 'fear of retaliation' within fire halls

Calgary fire Chief Steve Dongworth called reports of racism in his fire halls "concerning" and says problem employees are difficult to deal with because they're "very clever" and "very subtle" in how they operate.

Amid Tensions Calls for Reset of Media Relations in US     

Following four years of hostility between the US president and much of the news media, press advocates hope for a reset

New Law Threatens Future of Turkish NGOs

The measure allows the government to seize critical NGOs – among the last independent and critical voices in Turkey

Steve Bannon and Lil Wayne among 73 pardons granted by Donald Trump in his final hours as president

Mr Trump granted a total of 143 pardons and commutations during his final day in the White House.

US Death Toll from COVID-19 Pandemic Reaches 400,000

Nation observes tragic milestone as new variant of coronavirus discovered in California  

What Donald Trump's exit from the White House means for the QAnon conspiracy movement

While Donald Trump is leaving office, experts say his departure isn't the end for QAnon. Exactly where the movement goes from here, however, is harder to predict.

Parliamentary hearings over Zoom an ongoing headache for translators

Interpreters who translate English into French and vice versa at federal government proceedings are increasingly experiencing auditory issues that force them to go on leave, according to a new survey.

Washington on High Alert on Eve of Biden Inauguration

The US National Guard has removed 12 members from security duty for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration

Biden, Harris Honor US Coronavirus Dead Ahead of Inauguration

The event in Washington and other cities is being called 'a national moment of unity'

Defense Secretary Nominee: US Faces Enemies Both at Home and Abroad

Retired General Lloyd Austin appeared before lawmakers during his confirmation hearing to serve as the next US defense secretary

'Great progress' as vaccines reach Tahltan citizens in northern B.C.

The Tahltan central government says it has received 600 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for Telegraph Creek, and Iskut, B.C. Most of those doses have already been administered, which covers more than half of eligible citizens.

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