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Counting elephants from space

Scientists have successfully used satellite cameras coupled with deep learning to count animals in complex geographical landscapes, taking conservationists an important step forward in monitoring populations of endangered species.

Appearance, social norms keep students off Zoom cameras

Researchers surveyed 312 students found that while some students had concerns about the lack of privacy or their home environment, 41% of the 276 respondents cited their appearance, as their reason not to switch on their cameras on zoom.

Astronomers dissect the anatomy of planetary nebulae using Hubble Space Telescope images

Images of two iconic planetary nebulae taken by the Hubble Space Telescope are revealing new information about how they develop their dramatic features.

Exploring the solar wind with a new view of small sun structures

Scientists have combined NASA data and cutting-edge image processing to gain new insight into the solar structures that create the Sun's flow of high-speed solar wind. This first look at relatively small features, dubbed 'plumelets,' could help scientists understand how and why disturbances ...

Land deals meant to improve food security may have hurt

Large-scale land acquisitions by foreign investors, intended to improve global food security, had little to no benefit, increasing crop production in some areas while simultaneously threatening local food security in others, according to researchers who studied their effects.

Alcohol consumption linked to portion of cancer incidence and mortality, report shows

A new study finds that alcohol consumption accounts for a considerable portion of cancer incidence and mortality in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Defense Secretary Nominee: US Faces Enemies Both at Home and Abroad

Retired General Lloyd Austin appeared before lawmakers during his confirmation hearing to serve as the next US defense secretary

Potential COVID-19 drug is successful in lab study

A new therapy is showing success as a way to prevent COVID-19 symptoms in mice.

Research identifies genetic risk factor for stroke

A team of researchers has identified a common genetic variant as a risk factor for stroke, especially in patients older than 65.

Arecibo Observatory brings forward 'controlled demolition' plans by collapsing all by itself

Fatty acid may help combat multiple sclerosis, study finds

The abnormal immune system response that causes multiple sclerosis (MS) by attacking and damaging the central nervous system can be triggered by the lack of a specific fatty acid in fat tissue, according to a new study. The finding suggests that dietary change might help treat some people with ...

US Soldier Arrested in Plot to Blow Up 9/11 Memorial

The Army soldier, identified as Cole James Bridges, is also charged with passing along information that would have helped the Islamic State terror group kill US soldiers

Scientists reveal structure of plants' energy generators

Researchers have revealed the first atomic structures of the respiratory apparatus that plants use to generate energy.

Mental health conditions alarmingly high among children with autism, study finds

Nearly 78 per cent of children with autism have at least one mental health condition and nearly half have more than that, according to a new study. Mental health conditions were present in 44.8 per cent of pre-school age children with autism -- a group among which prevalence had not previously ...

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