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Shepard Smith Calls Out Former Fox News Colleagues: ‘I Don’t Know How Some People Sleep at Night’

Shepard Smith is striking back. In a new interview with PBS News, the former Fox News host revealed exactly why he left his long-standing post at the network and blasted the network and fellow colleagues for spreading “mis- and dis-information.” In an interview set to air Tuesday night, ...

Tracking Biden's Cabinet picks as administration takes shape

Here's the list of individuals Joe Biden has selected for his Cabinet.

China escalates fight against new Covid outbreak and US blame game

New restrictions imposed as Beijing hits back against Trump administration over pandemic’s origins

Bob Iger’s Disney Pay More Than Halved in 2020 Amid ‘Substantial Toll’ of Pandemic

Bob Iger’s Disney pay dropped by more than half in 2020, when he and current CEO Bob Chapek both went without bonuses amid the coronavirus pandemic. Iger also forewent his salary for a time, Chapek took a 50% pay reduction. Don’t feel too badly for Iger — he still made more than $20 ...

Europe welcomes the Biden era

Here’s a rundown of the themes likely to dominate EU-US relations in the early months of the new American presidency

Trump pardons Bannon in final acts of clemency

His ex-adviser faces fraud charges over a fundraising campaign to build a wall on the Mexican border.

Joe Biden's Peloton Bike: How it Could Present Cybersecurity Risks at the White House

Biden inauguration: Democrat to be sworn in as Trump leaves office

The new president will take the oath of office in a Washington DC fortified against any civil unrest.

Why Some Americans Are Eager for a Break from the Trump News Cycle

Some Americans are eager for a break from the constant news produced by President Trump. Others said his term had only inspired them to be more involved in activism.

Cease-Fire Is Top Priority for Afghan Government Negotiators in Doha

Afghanistan’s High Peace Council says an immediate cease-fire is a top priority for the Afghan government negotiators in the second round of the intra-Afghan talks in Doha

Amid Tensions Calls for Reset of Media Relations in US     

Following four years of hostility between the US president and much of the news media, press advocates hope for a reset

Biden cabinet: Does this new team better reflect America?

The role of a president's inaugural cabinet goes beyond just policy - let's take a closer look.

Growing Swarms of Locust Converging on Kenya Threaten Crops

Kenya is under siege by swarms of crop damaging locusts   

Trump's Pardons: The List

Stephen K. Bannon joined the list of President Trump’s allies who have been granted clemency, one that includes Paul Manafort and Roger J. Stone Jr.

Al-Shabab Claims Responsibility for Deadly Somalia Explosion  

Four killed in Somalia explosion days after US troop withdrawal   

Sec. State Nominee Tony Blinken: Trump 'Right' on China

President Donald Trump was right to take a tougher approach to the threats of China, according to Secretary of State-nominee Tony Blinken.

Mega Millions jackpot hits $865M, the third largest in US lottery history. Here are Tuesday's winning numbers.

The $865M Mega Millions jackpot, the third largest in U.S. lottery history and second largest in the game's history, was up for grabs Tuesday night.             

Disabled workers find an upside in new working practices

Many employers finally offer the flexibility that staff with disabilities had long requested

Editor Who Defended Fox Elex Call Deplored by Viewers Gets Ax

Ultimately being correct on election night could not save politics editor Chris Stirewalt at Fox News.

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